Endings and Beginnings

Endings are hard. But some things, those things that are truly alive, never end. They release seeds that float and fly and create new life. 

     As we announce the end of the official program of Conexão Mundo and the US-Brazil Connect Fellowship, created by US-Brazil Connect in partnership with the Brazilian Confederation of Industry, we celebrate that this effort was truly about generating the new life of connections that open our hearts and change our lives through love and friendship.  We end this chapter to explore new beginnings.

       Thank you to the over 7000 Brazilians and Americans have participated in this extraordinary journey since we began in 2012. Thank you to the generous donors, host families, friends at the Confederation of Embassy, SESI, SENAI, The US Embassy, our community college partners, our board, staff and so many others who made this dream come alive. 

     While this phase of the program may officially end, our connections and our love will grow and thrive for decades to come. We are also at a time of new beginnings, exploring new ways to build connections between the US and Brazil and will keep you posted. As always, we appreciate your suggestions and ideas.