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Meet the US-Brazil Connect Fellows of 2014!

US-Brazil Connect is proud to announce the Fellowship Teams of 2014
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Lives Change when Leaders Dare to Act

See 3 minute video of celebrating impact of leadership of Brazilian Confederation of Industry President Robson de Andrade.


Conexão Mundo-World Connection brings the US and Brazil together.  

See 2 minute video of US-Brazil Connect in action with our Brazilian Partners!

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Unleashing talent to bring the United States and Brazil together for common good.


US-Brazil Connect offers a paid fellowship program that takes outstanding U.S. students and emerging professionals to Brazil. The program is not your typical travel experience — it’s a mutual exchange that encourages Fellows to take on new challenges and build relationships that last a lifetime.

US-Brazil Connect’s mission is to strengthen education and build economic opportunities by connecting communities, engaging leaders, and creating transformative learning experiences linking the United States and Brazil.

“Brazil is an economic and democratic power the United States needs as a partner. Creating this partnership is not just the work of diplomats. US-Brazil Connect demonstrates how community colleges can play a leadership role to connect their students, communities and businesses to build mutually-beneficial relationships.” 

John Matel, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Brazil

US-Brazil Connect is generously supported by the United States Embassy.



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