We have a partnership with the Brazilian Confederation of Industry (CNI). One of the programs we have co-created with CNI is the Executive Network.  The focus of the network is to build skills and relationships required for increased global trade and exchange.

“The Executive Network brings US-Brazil Connect’s innovative methods of learning to the industry leaders that helped create programs for youth,” said Mary Gershwin, President of US-Brazil Connect.  “The executives see what we created for students and ask for innovative approaches to meet their own needs.  This program is allowing us to work together to create a new model that meets their needs while also strengthening our partnership.”


The first Executive Network program was in 2013 when a Brazilian delegation came to Denver and had meetings with Governor Hickenlooper, Mayor Hancock, and Lt. Governor Garcia. This visit resulted in the expansion of US-Brazil Connect’s partnership with the Brazilian Confederation of Industry, entitled Conexão Mundo (World Connection.)

In October of 2015, nine CEOs of privately-held Brazilian companies came to Denver, Colorado to build relationships and improve their English. This delegation included the president of the Federation of Industry of Rondônia, a board member from the National Confederation of Industry, and presidents of the industry associations for mining, food industries, and clothing manufacturing in Rondônia.


Marcelo Thomé da Silva de Almeida, President of the Federation of Industry of Rondônia, said,  “After more than fifteen years of sustained economic growth, Brazil is now facing severe economic and political challenges. The question is: How will Brazil move forward? For us in Rondônia, the commitment is to strengthen the capacity of our industry by building on the assets Brazil developed through years of growth. Among our strengths today, the most important is the emerging generation of industry leaders who came of age in a time of impressive economic growth, and are now committed to overcoming current challenges to create long-term economic and political stability.”

 During their two-week stay in Colorado, the executives participated in English classes modeled after the Conexão Mundo program. They also built networks with Colorado business leaders through events with the World Trade Center Denver, the International Business Circle, Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver, the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, and visits to local industry.

Denis Bau, a member of the board of Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry said, “For business executives, this cultural exchange offers great impact on many levels. As we build personal relationships and work on our English language skills, we also have the opportunity to create professional networks here in Colorado that will provide mutual benefit in the future.”