Brazilian Student Visit 

Civic exchange

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US-Brazil Connect hosts the top 5% of Brazilian students from the Conexão Mundo Program.  The selection process is highly competitive and the trip is both an honor and a unique opportunity for each of the students. Families, organizations, and schools help make the Brazilian student visit a remarkable cross-cultural education experience for some of Brazil’s best students. The trip is designed to:

  • Provide a dynamic educational experience for the Brazilian students which includes activities emphasizing technology, industry, science, culture and history.

  • Provide exposure to the American education system and provide an opportunity for Brazilian students to meet American peers via programming with a local school partner.

  • Continue to support the Brazilian students’ English-language learning in an immersion environment.

  • Honor and celebrate the Brazilian students’ achievement and to further their personal and professional development.

  • Provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for the Brazilian students which includes various social and fun activities.

  • Cultivate increased interest in and knowledge about Brazil in various US cities, communities and institutions.


Connecting for Careers – exploration of global careers is all a part of developing the next generation of global leaders. Thanks again to the Alcoa Foundation and the Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center for their support on this video.

Community Partners

As a part of the Brazilian student visit, US-Brazil Connect partners with local schools and organizations to host a group of approximately 10 Brazilian delegates.  The exchange brings cultural diversity to campuses and organizations, while building relationships that last a lifetime.

US-Brazil Connect is proud to have partnered with the following schools and organizations during the past two student visits.


Higher Education Partners

Universities and colleges have partnered with US-Brazil Connect to receive a group of 10 -20 Brazilian technical students for one day during their visit.  The visit provides the opportunity for colleges and universities to:

  • Promote their school with Brazilian students and faculty members.

  • Boost campus cultural diversity and create more open minded and well-rounded students.

  • Participate in a unique cross-cultural experience that is a lot of fun for everyone.

University and college partners from 2016-2017:

Business Partners

Brazilian student delegates are technical students in their hometowns in Brazil and have a strong focus on the STEM studies.  As part of their trip, delegates visit local businesses to learn more about industry on a global scale.

The visit provides businesses the opportunity to receive a group of students to:

  • Expose leading Brazilian students and faculty to your company.
  • Raise awareness of your company with the Brazilian Confederation of Industry.
  • Promote your products and services.
  • Engage in a cross-cultural experience that is a lot of fun for everyone!

Business partners from the previous two student visits include:


Become a Host Family

Brazilian student delegates stay with host families for their two week visit to further their understanding of day-to-day American life and share Brazilian culture.  Host families are supported by a US-Brazil Connect staff member who is available 24 hours daily.

Living with a host family gives students the opportunity to experience a new culture and further develop language and cross-cultural skills that will serve them throughout their lives.  In return, the host family benefits from the opportunity to learn more about Brazil.  It enriches the lives of their family members and presents the chance to create meaningful new relationships.



US-Brazil Connect is looking for volunteers during the student visit. If you would like to join students during their activities, help with the parties or get involved in any other way, please email us at and we will be in touch.